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Company’s quality policy developed by senior management

Joint-Stock Company  “The Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works” has determined for itself the main development path – to become one of the best enterprises in the ammunition industry. This can only be achieved through high quality requirements.

First of all, high quality means the impeccable quality of products and other types of work, compliance to our customers’ requirements and desires, satisfaction of employees of the company and shareholders themselves, and a positive impact on the company.

This quality policy is easy available and every company’s employee knows it well. It is also available to all interested parties.

Each year, the quality policy is reviewed and maintained.

The company has a total quality control system

  • Incoming inspection of incoming materials and components for compliance with regulatory technical documentation. These works are carried out in strict accordance with GOST 24247-2014 “Verification of purchased products”.
  • During manufacture of cartridge elements (cases, bullets), as well as the cartridges themselves, methods of statistical operational control are widely used.
  • Formed batches of finished products are subject to rigorous quality control during acceptance tests involving not only the control of geometrical dimensions of cartridges and their appearance, but also check of ballistic characteristics and testing of cartridges by firing.
  • Products accepted by the Quality control department are packaged in accordance with current documentation and are also subject to control.
  • The staff of QC department supervises, furthermore, the loading of finished products on vehicles and delivery to finished goods warehouses.
  • The results of ammunition elements and finished products quality control are analyzed and discussed at the factory “Quality Days”. If necessary, engineering departments then implement corrective measures aimed at improving the tactical and technical product characteristics.

The company has a metrological service accredited by the Federal accreditation service, and a control and testing station

Besides, the company is equipped with the Central Works Laboratory, which has a “Conclusion on the assessment of measurements in laboratory No. 24/8” issued by the Federal State-funded Institution “The Ulyanovsk Central metrological service”.

Since 2006 an integrated quality management system based on a process approach in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 is effectively functioning in the company

The current QMS was re-certified by the Military Register voluntary certification system.

The latest certificate of conformity is No. BP 21.1.12815-2018 and valid until September 17, 2021.