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Historical background

The Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works is among the largest producers of the Russian defense industry. The history of “The Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works” goes back to April 20, 1916.

Рабочие Петроградского патронного завода

During the civil war the Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works was the only ammunition supplier for Eastern front forces, every third cartridge in the country was produced in Simbirsk (former name of Ulyanovsk) and more than 350 million pieces in total were sent to the front.

During the World War II the Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works produced as many goods as for previous 24 years. The workers of the Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works sent to the front more than 5 billion pieces of military cartridges for small arms, including 2,7 billion cartridges for Tokarev pistol, Shpagin, Degtyarev and Sudaev guns, 226 million cartridges for heavy machine gun DShK. Also 107 million cartridges of heavy caliber 14.5 mm for Degtyarev and Simonov antitank rifles, which were produced only at the Volodarskiy Cartridge Works (now the Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works) in Ulyanovsk.

Nowadays, the Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works produces 20 kinds of military cartridges for small arms. It is the only factory in Russia which produces 14.5-mm cartridges for various purposes.

The Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works distinctive feature is pyrotechnical workshops, technologies and equipment for producing tracer, incendiary and explosive bullets of instantaneous action.