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.38 Special

The .38 Special revolver cartridge with FMJ bullet is intended for use in sporting and hunting weapons.

The cartridge keeps its properties under different climatic and weather conditions regardless of the season and at temperatures from -20 to +50°С.

Bullet material:

  • lead core
  • bimetal jacket

Steel case with protective and decorative polymer coating.

Cartridge without sealing.

Warranty shelf life: 5 years after manufacture.

Technical specifications

130 GR. FMJ bullet

Jacket materialbimetal
Weight, gram (grain)8,42 (130)
Ballistic coefficient (G1)0,144
Muzzle velocity V 0, m/s (ft/s), no less260 (853)


Maximum weight, gram (grain)13,66 (210)
Extreme spread, cm (inch) at the range of 25 m (27,3 yards), no more7 (2,75)
Maximum chamber pressure, average value, bar (psi), no more1500 (21755)
Maximum chamber pressure, maximum value, bar (psi), no more1725 (25019)
Bullet velocity V5, m/s (ft/s), no less260 (853)
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