JSC “UCW” | Production of various types of ammunition
Logo JSC „Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works” (JSC „UCW”)The Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works
Logo JSC „Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works” (JSC „UCW”)

The Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works

Established in 1916
Cherishing and multiplying the experience of the past generations
Cherishing and multiplying the experience of the past generations
Logo JSC „Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works” (JSC „UCW”)

JSC Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works

Established in 1916
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Finished products, caliber cartridges 7.62 mm
Nowadays the company produces 17 types of military ammunition and 20 types of commercial ammunition to small arms. The only Russian manufacturer of 14.5mm ammunition for various purposes. The distinctive feature of the works is availability of pyrotechnical workshops, technologies and equipment for producing tracer, incendiary and explosive bullets of instantaneous action.

Sporting and hunting ammunition

Military ammunition
Press for the production of cartridges of a new nomenclature .308 Winchester и .338 Lapua Magnum
Each stage of the production chain uses the up-to-date CNC equipment of high-performance and high-precision. The productions are tested by using specialized software and hardware ballistic system which complies with the C.I.P. standards. The enterprise has the unique machinery for ammunition disposal.
Cartridge inspection machine
We carefully check the quality of our products and widely use statistical methods of control during each stage of life circle: from incoming inspection of materials and components up to shooting tests to guarantee the product compliance and to improve customers’satisfaction.

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